A second batch of Amora Gems has been added to inventory for this week, these stones range from 2.49 – 3.07ct and are available for immediate purchase.


Amora Gem Ultra

More Amora Gems in sizes from 6.70mm – 8.89mm, and ranging from D through H in color grades have been added to our available inventory.


Amora Gem Ultra H&A 8mm D/IF

Our best-selling solitaire, our Timeless Regal Reproduction, is now available for round center stone sizes up to 12.5mm.

Previously the setting was designed to accommodate 6mm-10mm center rounds, but per customer request we have added an additional model to accommodate our 11mm+ Amora Gems and 11-12mm Asha simulated diamonds.


7.5mm H Asha H&A, ring size 8.5

Customer photo: our Timeless Regal Reproduction set with a 7.5mm H Asha H&A, ring size is 8.5

While diamonds are often touted as being ‘rare’, the fact that everyone has one or more diamonds somewhat proves the point that they are in fact very common.

By contrast, our Amora Gem has only been available on earth for 11 months.  In order to compare the relative rarity of Amora Gem to Diamond, we calculated the total production of mined diamond for the past ten years (via Kimberly Process Statistics) and compared that to the total Amora Gem production to date.

The results: Amora Gem is well over 1 Million times rarer than diamond.  Here’s a visual:

Mined Diamond vs Amora Gem production

Mined Diamond vs Amora Gem production

The true rarity of Amora Gem is another benefit in comparison to mined diamonds.  

That said, we’re working hard to increase production so that we are not as frequently sold out, but thought you would like to see how rare your Amora Gem really is!

Amora Gem Inventory page

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As June comes to a close, the president of BTD has shared the latest news and updates on our discussion board – and here are a few highlights:

The global expansion of Amora Gem continues and we’re pleased to announce our first AG seller in Taiwan! JNJ is a long time diamond dealer and this is their first ever offering of anything lab grown, so please welcome them and if you are in Taiwan – stop by to see the Amora Gem Ultra in person.

New Timeless Ring and Band – The Spring Flower: With our new addition of 6 and 7ct Amora Gem Ultra’s, we realized that very, very few rings are available to hold those extremely rare sizes.
Thus, we’ve created and will shortly have for sale our new Spring Flower ring and matching band.

A high res render of the front view (Spring Flower + band):

Note that because it came out so well, the Spring Flower will have two versions available:
1 – 11.5mm – 12.5mm centers
2 – 7.5 – 8mm centers

BTD News:

Prosumer Diamonds reviews the Asha: ProsumerDiamonds.com, a very educational website for diamond buyers, has just published a review of our Asha diamond simulant. It’s a very thorough review with comparison photos and more. The review is available on their site here:

I should add that I’d also encourage you to read through their Tutorial section as well if you want to up your knowledge of diamonds, diamond cutting, and even various tricky sales tactics often employed.


Another Asha restock pending: We did a large restock of Asha’s last month but several round sizes in particular have already become nearly sold out…thus we have another large batch of rounds currently in progress. These will tentatively be ready by the end of July.

New Timeless Ring – the Milano Halo and Band: We’ve got another new ring and matching band that will be available in July – the Milano.

First, the ring with the matching band (high res render):

Top view:

DiamondBistro.com being upgraded! DiamondBistro has now overtaken BTD in terms of total daily traffic, but with so many photos stored there we also recently ran out of disk space on our server.
We’ve thus added more space, and are upgrading the software to help ensure continued ease of use as the site continues to grow!

RingExplorer.com improvements – over 5,000 rings! We continue to make progress with RingExplorer (and are even starting to see some nice customer feedback!).
This month we added in rings from Tiffanys, as well as ShaneCo.com, and so RingExplorer now has 5005 rings searchable in it’s database.
In addition, RingExplorer has nearly 1400 bands to search and view.

Amora Enhanced Moissanite: We will be testing a likely fix for our production next week and hope to resume processing 7mm’s and then 6.5mm in the next few weeks.


Blood Ivory – US begins truly cracking down on Ivory trade: President Obama recently issued regulation in February that will now truly enforce a ban on all ivory trade in the US given the threat to elephants.
In other words, now there is truly no trade in Ivory allowed in the US, at all, and that has made enforcement much simpler and more effective and will hopefully have an effect in Africa in due course.

That’s it for this month’s Friday update!

Note that there will be no update in July, and so our regular update will next take place in August.

Have a great weekend and a great July and see you in August!


The full post, with more details, more pictures of the stunning new Timeless pieces, and other exciting news can be found on our discussion board, here!

Available on our site now are a number of Amora Gems in the 1.25-1.5ct size range, as well as a few in the 6ct range.

Amora Gem Ultra Grading report example



Also available is an extremely limited offering of Old European Cut Amora Gems in the Very Light Blue hue!

Amora Gem Ultra - 2.17ct, E Color, Internally Flawless


We have completed a substantial restock of our Amora Gem Ultra, including stones in the 2ct – 3.5ct range.

There is another restock planned for approximately June 12th to include 1ct – 1.25ct sizes.   To be notified when we next have a specific size in stock, please sign up on the waiting list.


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