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We have just completed a restock of 1ct sizes in our Amora Gem Ultra H&A Rounds.  These stones measure in the 6.30mm – 6.44mm range.


Amora Gem Ultra H&A

We now have our Amora Gem available in Very Light Blue Ultra H&A cushions.


In addition to our Amora Gem Ultra Very Light Blue H&A Rounds, we now have limited availability in Hearts & Arrows Cushions, in the Very Light Blue.  Sizes in stock range from approximately 1.5-2.5ct in weight.

This color was accidental, and we do know if it will be duplicated.


We’ve sent one in for photo and video and should have that end of next week.


Amora Gem Very Light Blue Ultra H&A Cushions

We have just completed adding additional Amora Gem Ultra inventory!

Included in this restock are Ultras 8mm and over – including our first ever 5ct (five carat) sizes!
We do not  know if/when we’ll have more that large…that is quite rare in terms of suitable rough.

Amora Gem Ultra

The latest news post from the president of BTD has been shared on our discussion board, and here are a few highlights:

Happy Friday! It’s time for the latest Friday updates.

General update: Last month we officially debuted the Amora Gem Ultra.

New format for all Ultra grading reports: The biggest change this month is that we have moved to selling Amora Gems in exactly the same format that diamonds are.
Thus, a typical entry for an Amora Ultra on our inventory page will now look like this:
1.75ct 7.59mm-7.67mm X 4.82mm F VS2 $1048.25 cert 2001523

And going from left to right you have the following info:
1 – Exact diamond equivalent carat weight (1.75ct)
2 – Exact mm dimensions (to the 1/100th of a mm). In this case 7.59mm is the minimum diameter, and 7.67 is the max diameter detected. That is followed by the depth of the Ultra, or 4.82mm.
3 – Color and Clarity (in this case, F and VS2)
4 – Price – this is computed by the diamond equivalent times the color/clarity premium. F/VS is the base $599, so it’s simply $599 * 1.75ct = $1048.25
5 – Cert number

While this new listing style is a bit more complex, it offers far more information up front so you know exactly what Ultra you are purchasing.
Amora Gem Ultras in ‘Fancy Light Blue’!: We had a very, very big surprise recently when we determined that some of our newer Amora rough was not in fact the standard colorless..but instead had a light,pure blue tint to it.

Amora Gem Cushions: The disruption from the discovery of the new and unexpected Ultra light blues has caused some delays with the cushion completion. However, we hope to have the first batch of these out within the next three weeks.

BTD News:

Amora Enhanced Moissanite: We’ve finally got our Amora enhanced up and running at expected production. We’ve been able to produce a record % of G color Amora Enhanced (up to 20%) so that has been a welcome improvement.

CTHR apparently discontinuing OEC Moissanite: We received word that Charles and Colvard (CTHR) has discontinued the OEC cut for Moissanite. Thus, for those who are after a warmer (J/K) OEC, you will apparently be restricted to what is left in various dealers inventory and then that’s the end of the OEC’s for Moissanite.

We have some left in 6.5mm – 8mm sizes via our Certified FB program, but obviously there will be no restock after these are sold.
Last of the Certified FB OEC’s

Fortunately we do have our Amora Gem OEC’s coming soon, however, those will be D/E/F color and thus for those who want a warmer OEC, this appears to be the last chance.

That’s it for this months Friday update! We’ll continue expanding the Ultra production and hopefully have our first cushions to discuss next time.

Have a great weekend and see you in April!

The full post with all the news, more details, and further information can be found on our discussion board, here!

We have completed the waiting list and have inventory in stock available for immediate purchase in the H color, 8mm size in our Amora enhanced Moissanite.

Amora enhanced Moissanite

We have just restocked quite a few Ultra Hearts & Arrows Round Amora Gems, and will be adding more to inventory on Monday.

Stone sizes from 6.5mm up to 9mm are currently in stock and available for immediate purchase.


Amora Gem Ultra

The president of BTD has shared his most recent news post on our discussion board – and there is a lot of news!

Here’s a small snippet:

Today’s blog update is arguably one of the most important in the history of the Amora Gem – we’ve achieved a lot over the past month on the march to the Ultimate gem!

The Ultimate Gem updates:

One month of intensive R&D… As you may recall from last month’s update, we had begun work on a High Fire version for the Amora Gem.
The goals were maximum fire, maximum brilliance, maximum scintillation and maximum ‘boldness’ of color and white light flashes, while staying with the parameters of an H&A cut.

The results were exactly what we had hoped:
- maximum fire – we increased fire by 20-100% (depending on the lighting)
- maximum scintillation – scintillation increased approx 20%
- maximum brilliance – brilliance increased in the center of the stone
- maximum boldness – the boldness and broadness of both color and white light flashes were greatly increased

I’m personally extremely happy that we are now fully maximizing every aspect of the Amora crystal properties, and at the same time, that max beauty has successfully yielded an even more diamond-like look but with more fire and brilliance than natural diamond.

Meet Ultra! While I personally believe that we have succeeded in creating the most beautiful gem in the world with the AG Ultra, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it’s time for you to meet Ultra yourself.

Allow me to introduce you to the Ultra – first a studio photo of an 8mm D/IF Ultra:

The full post can be found on our discussion board here!

We have 6mm and 10mm sizes of our Amora Gem in stock and available for immediate purchase.


All current inventory is newly-cut in 2014, in our redeveloped Ultra H&A cut.


Amora Gem Ultra

The president of BTD has shared his most recent news post on our discussion board, and here are a few highlights:

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year (Western calendar and very soon, Chinese/Lunar Calendar)!

Lots of updates as usual so let’s get our first update for 2014 underway.

Amora – The Ultimate Gem Updates:

2015 is only one year away: I’ll lead off the updates by noting the obvious – that the long awaited 2015, when the blocking patent expires and Amora Gem will at last be fully available to US customers – is now only one calendar year away. We are very much looking forward to being able to being able to be able to sell the Amora Gem in the US market at last. The Friday updates have been going since 2011 and hard to believe that what seemed like a long ways away then is now one year out!

New Wholesalers for Amora Gem: We’ll go into more details next month on this, but did want to note that we have steadily been adding wholesalers around the world now for the Amora Gem, as well as adding more US retailers that will be selling the AG once the market opens in 2015.

We’re hoping to have a full restock of 6.5mm – 10mm in the next two weeks or so.

We have a studio photo of Amora Gem DC with two diamonds:

Amora Gem and two diamonds

If you want to see a larger version, here is the link:

Left= D/IF H&A natural diamond
Center = D/IF H&A Amora Gem -DC
Right = D/VVS Good cut natural diamond

And finally, Amora Gem compared to Amora Enhanced Moissanite:

Amora Gem and Amora enhanced Moissanite

Again, the larger version of the photo is here:

Left is Amora Enhanced Moissanite – H color, unknown clarity, Good cut.

Right is Amora Gem – E color, VVS clarity, H&A cut.

Amora Gem is more brilliant than Moissanite and I think you can see that a bit in the photo.

One interesting comment from the photographer who took these photos – he mentioned after seeing the AG next to the diamonds, that he wouldn’t buy a diamond again.

BTD’s annual charity donation: Finally, every Holiday season BTD does an annual charity donation. This year we opted to donate to the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). The WSPA is in the process of rescuing a number of bears that are currently (and some illegally) held in abject captivity and they were seeking funds to help move 15 of these bears to a bear wildlife sanctuary in Romania. They had previously done this for about 50 other bears but needed more funds to move the rest over.
They put out an urgent request to help fund the transport to move 15 captive bears, and so we gave a substantial donation to hopefully ensure that these bears would enjoy not just a happy Holiday by finally getting out of their unsuitable confinement, but more importantly a lifetime of freedom in natural surroundings at an established bear sanctuary.

You can visit for more info on this charity and their great work.

That’s it for this month – hopefully we’ll have a lot of news on the Amora Gem round restock and Krupps AG next month.

Have a great weekend!

The full post, with much more news, details and updates can be found on our discussion board, here!

Our Amora enhanced Moissanite is in stock and available for immediate purchase in the H color, in both the 7.5mm (1.5ct) and 8mm (2ct) sizes.


Amora enhanced Moissanite


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