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We recently added a large batch of 6.5mm – 7.75mm size Amora Gem to our inventory.

This is a popular size range, and we are working on keeping these sizes available, however we are now out of 1.50ct size rough, and do not currently have an ETA on when we might be able to grow more.
This will not affect sizes up to approximately 1.25ct, or over 2ct; however due to the growth process, we do not know when we might have more inventory in the 1.5ct range.

Last week we also had a small batch of 2.98-3.07ct size cushions, which promptly sold out to those on the waiting list.  There are no plans at this point to make more, we just happened to have rough that was ideal for cushions so went with that instead of cutting them to rounds and losing yield as a result.

Our waiting list can be found here


Amora Gem Ultra - 2.17ct, E Color, Internally Flawless

We have the first white Amora Gem available in the Old European Cut (OEC).

Sizes from 2.62ct – 3.77ct are in stock now and available for immediate purchase.


We sent the 2.66ct, D color / Internally Flawless stone out for photo/video, and here are the results:

Amora Gem OEC


And the video:

We have the first white Amora Gem available in the Old European Cut (OEC).
These will be available for purchase soon for those not already on the waiting list.

Our website shows a computer generated photo of the cut, and we also have a video of the first version of the cut.  Do note that the production stones, the ones that will be available for purchase, do have a smaller culet than shown in the studio video.

One of our cutters took this short video, so here’s a sneak peek at the OEC Amora Gems:


A second batch of Amora Gem has been added to inventory for this week, these stones range from 2.49 – 3.07ct and are available for immediate purchase.


Amora Gem Ultra

More Amora Gem in sizes from 6.70mm – 8.89mm, and ranging from D through H in color grades have been added to our available inventory.


Amora Gem Ultra H&A 8mm D/IF

Available on our site now are a number of Amora Gems in the 1.25-1.5ct size range, as well as a few in the 6ct range.

Amora Gem Ultra Grading report example



Also available is an extremely limited offering of Old European Cut Amora Gems in the Very Light Blue hue!

Amora Gem Ultra - 2.17ct, E Color, Internally Flawless


We have completed a substantial restock of our Amora Gem Ultra, including stones in the 2ct – 3.5ct range.

There is another restock planned for approximately June 12th to include 1ct – 1.25ct sizes.   To be notified when we next have a specific size in stock, please sign up on the waiting list.


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