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We have a few Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions remaining in stock, in sizes from 2.8ct up to 3.22ct, or 8.23mm – 8.72mm.


Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions

This week’s Amora Gem restock is for stones in the 11mm size range.

Amora Gem Ultra H&A


We currently have Amora Gem inventory available in sizes from 1.08ct up to 7.36ct.


We have contacted everyone on the notification list for the 8mm size range Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions from our most recent restock, and remaining inventory has been added to the site for regular purchase.


Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushion


This will be the last expected restock of Cushions for 2014.

This week’s restock of our Amora Gem Ultra includes size options ranging from 6.04 – 8mm in size.  This latest batch, combined with existing inventory means that right now we have inventory available in sizes ranging from just under 1ct up to 3.7ct!


Customer photo: Amora Gem Ultra, 8.21mm-8.29mm X 5.19mm	2.20ct	VS2	E

Lots of news, updates and surprises in the latest news post on the blog!  Here’s a small preview:

Hi again and Happy Friday!!

Hard to believe another month has whipped by, but it’s time for our usual monthly update, so let’s get underway!

Amora Gem – The Ultimate Gem Updates!

We have yet another robot scheduled to arrive in October and that will then put us in good stead to deliver greater production for the Holiday Season.

1.50ct’s are in progress again! We hope to have a full inventory of 1.50cts by the end of October in time for the holidays.

Insider knowledge – cubic moissanite growing during Amora Gem growth process: I thought I’d share something we’ve never shown publicly before. Below is a photo taken of some cubic moissanite that grew during an earlier Amora Gem growth run. They are readily identifiable by their vivid yellow color.
This photo is quite zoomed up but what you are seeing are termed ‘parasitic deposits’ which is where cubic Moissanite (or even regular Moissanite), if you are not careful, will start growing *everywhere* in the growth chamber to the point that the run has to be stopped, usually before the Amora Gem has reached its desired size. Thus, one task you have to work at during growth is preventing cubic Moissanite from popping up and overtaking the much slower growing Amora Gem.

BTD News:

Amora enhanced Moissanite production continuing smoothly: We’ve continued to keep our Amora enhanced production moving along nicely. We are currently now processing more 7.5mm and 8mm’s and hope to have the first of those out for sale next week. We’ve been sold out on both sizes while we were focused on the 6.5mm’s, but with the Holidays fast approaching, we’re now running all sizes from 6.5mm – 8mm to start replenishing our inventory.

Have a great weekend and see you at the end of October!


The full post, with lots more news, details, updates, surprises, and a little bit of science, can be found on our discussion board here!

We have completed the waiting list for the 6.5mm (1ct diamond equivalent) size in our Amora enhanced Moissanite and all remaining inventory has been added to our website and is available for immediate purchase.

Currently we have both 6.5mm (1ct) and 7mm (1.25ct) sizes in stock, in H color.


Amora enhanced Moissanite

After the July hiatus, there is quite a lot of news to share!  The president of BTD has published the latest news and goings-on at BTD over at our discussion board.  Here are a few highlights:

Let’s get the bad, but important, news out of the way first. As has been noted for some time, the Amora Gems would have a price increase this year in September to offset increased expenses. We’re still working our way back from eight years of R&D outflow, so rising expenses unfortunately have to be offset.
The price increase for Amora Gems will be 5%.

The new prices will become effective on September 4th, and will apply to all new production going forward.
Thus, the base price will go from $599/ct to $628.95/ct for an F/VS, for example.
Amoras that are for sale from earlier production will remain at their initially posted pricing. The price increase is for all new production going forward.
No further price changes are expected until next year, so the new pricing will be in effect for some time.

New ‘Diamond style’ Inventory page for Amora Gems! After two months of work, we’ve added a new ‘diamond style’ inventory search page on our site to let you readily filter, sort and search to find your perfect Amora Gem.

The new page lets you filter based on cut, carat size (diamond equiv), color and/or clarity. The results are then shown in a grid format below it. The grid itself is also sortable so you can sort them by color, size, etc.

A quick screen shot to show the features:

And a link to the page (or just click ‘Amora Gem Inventory Search’ under the Amora Gem menu): Amora Gem Search Page

Shortage of 1.5ct Ultras: We are currently out of any rough that will be suitable for 1.5ct size Ultras. We have one batch with some 1.50ct’s in cutting now, but that is the last of the rough that is suitable currently. That is of concern as the 1.5ct Ultra is among our very best selling sizes.
The reason for the shortage is that we have been able to get 1ct to even 1.25ct by growing a thicker crystal and then splitting it in half to yield 2 @ 1ct for example. For the larger sizes, these are simply grown and cut directly but are now yielding 2ct and larger.
We don’t want to cut down rough that would be a 2ct for example, and we can’t grow thick enough (yet) to split and yield 2 @ 1.50ct.
Thus, for now, we don’t have an ETA on when we’ll have anymore 1.50ct (aside from the last set now in production).

BTD General News:

Our jewelry classified site continues to steadily grow and has extended it’s lead in terms of daily traffic over our BetterThanDiamond site and message boards. Available items also hit a new record, with over 1,500+ rings now for sale there!

That’s it for this months Friday update.
Have a great weekend and month, and see you at the end of September!

The full post can be found on our discussion board, here.


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