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A second batch of Amora Gems has been added to inventory for this week, these stones range from 2.49 – 3.07ct and are available for immediate purchase.


Amora Gem Ultra

More Amora Gems in sizes from 6.70mm – 8.89mm, and ranging from D through H in color grades have been added to our available inventory.


Amora Gem Ultra H&A 8mm D/IF

Available on our site now are a number of Amora Gems in the 1.25-1.5ct size range, as well as a few in the 6ct range.

Amora Gem Ultra Grading report example



Also available is an extremely limited offering of Old European Cut Amora Gems in the Very Light Blue hue!

Amora Gem Ultra - 2.17ct, E Color, Internally Flawless


We have completed a substantial restock of our Amora Gem Ultra, including stones in the 2ct – 3.5ct range.

There is another restock planned for approximately June 12th to include 1ct – 1.25ct sizes.   To be notified when we next have a specific size in stock, please sign up on the waiting list.

We have our latest news post over on our discussion board.  Here are a few quick highlights:

Very Happy Friday! just turned 20!: Before we get going, I wanted to note that BTD turned 20 on May 3rd! So, Happy BDay to BTD, and a big thank you to our customers for your support over all these years!

Amora – The Ultimate Gem Updates:

Ultra’s 1-2ct size constantly sold out: If you’ve been following our inventory updates on our product page, you’ll know that we’ve been having a hard time keeping the 1-2ct sizes especially in stock. We usually restock once a week on Thursday or Friday but lately most 1-2ct sizes are selling out in about 48 hours after posting.
We are working to address this and have pulled out all of our current rough to find what is suitable, and are currently hoping to have a larger restock of roughly 50+ 1-2ct’s next week.

Diamond customers saying no to higher diamond prices: There was a recent article in JCK noting that has stated that customers are increasingly refusing to pay the increasingly higher natural diamond prices.

By contrast, DeBeers announced recently it will have 5% price increase *every year going forward* in order to hit it’s profit targets.

So, when an immovable object is hit by an unstoppable force…anyway, you see that something will have to give, but regardless, this potential conflict between diamond consumers and diamond sellers bodes well for Amora Gem’s future.

Amora Gem on display in Poland – June 5-7th: The Amora Gem Ultra will be on display at the Jubinale Trade Fair in Krakow Poland from June 5th – 7th, via our Czech Republic reseller, Moissanite-Diamant:

The stand is A-12 inside the Expo. I realize this will not be convenient for most US readers to stop by, but we do have customers in Poland and thus another opportunity to see the Amora Ultra in person.

Amora now a registered trademark in Canada: We received notification that our Amora trademark has now been approved in Canada this month. This means Amora is now registered in US, Australia and Canada so the global Amora expansion continues.

BTD News:

Large Asha restock: Asha continues to sell well and we recently did a large restock this week of rounds, cushion and princess to help shore up some sold out sizes. Note that we promptly had multiple large wholesale orders so Asha stock has rather quickly been reduced, but we’ll start a new batch next week.

See you in June!




The full post with much more news, and two new videos, can be found on our discussion board here!

We have completed a restock of a number of sizes in our Amora Gem Ultra H&A rounds, in sizes ranging from just under 7mm to right at 10mm.


Amora Gem Ultra Grading report example

The president of BTD has posted the latest news on our discussion board, and there is a lot of news this time!

Here are a few highlights:

Amora Gem Updates:

Rough for .50ct Amora Ultra rounds! I’ll start off with the biggest news which is we were able to grow some new rough suitable expressly for .50ct Ultras. 

Continued work on 1ct Ultra rough growth: We had a few more 1ct rounds recently but those basically came and went as soon as we had posted them out for sale. We are working hard to fill that gap with more Ultras. 

Fancy cut updates: As promised in our last update, we expected to have the first Ultra H&A cushions out for sale and we were able to do that. 

We will have a few OEC’s out next month – however, after that we will need to focus on Ultra round production and thus will be indefinitely postponing any more work on Fancy cut Amora Gems.

Demand for fancy cuts is substantially lower than the rounds. The round wait list numbers simply dwarfed that of all the other cuts combined, many times over.

In addition, it’s simply a question of focusing our limited resources and those are currently best focused on the Ultra rounds, which we already have the most expertise in producing. 

BTD News:

Timeless Regal continues taking off as our best-selling ring: The Timeless Regal has handily become our best-selling ring and the preferred setting for our Ultras. 

Amora enhanced Moissanite production expands: We’ve been able to increase our Amora enhanced production this past month, and are now getting into a true production mode at last. 

That’s it for this month’s update! Next update we should have the few OEC’s finalized and then will likely have some news on several resellers around the world for the Amora Gem Ultras!

The full post, with a lot more news, examples of the types of cuts rejected for our Amora enhanced Moissanite and further details about the fancy cut Amora Gems can be found on our discussion board here!


We have just restocked our H color, 7.5mm size Amora enhanced Moissanite.  We also have a few remaining 8mm sizes in stock at this time as well.

Amora enhanced Moissanite

We have just completed a restock of 1ct sizes in our Amora Gem Ultra H&A Rounds.  These stones measure in the 6.30mm – 6.44mm range.


Amora Gem Ultra H&A

We now have our Amora Gem available in Very Light Blue Ultra H&A cushions.


In addition to our Amora Gem Ultra Very Light Blue H&A Rounds, we now have limited availability in Hearts & Arrows Cushions, in the Very Light Blue.  Sizes in stock range from approximately 1.5-2.5ct in weight.

This color was accidental, and we do know if it will be duplicated.


We’ve sent one in for photo and video and should have that end of next week.


Amora Gem Very Light Blue Ultra H&A Cushions


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