For those who have wondered how does an Amora Gem OEC look compared to an Amora Gem Ultra…wonder no more. Our friends at GoodOldGold shot this video comparing both under a variety of lighting. (OEC is 1.90ct, D/IF, Ultra is 2.12ct F/VS1):

Video is also now on our OEC page here:…/Amora-Gem%3A–OEC-Cut.html

And feel free to discuss which you like better on our message board thread here:

The most recent Amora Gem restock includes Ultras starting at 1.21ct to just over 1.6ct in weight, or 7mm – 7.5mm.  Notifications have been sent to those who had signed up on our notification list, and these are live on the site for immediate purchase.

Our Inventory Search feature is an easy way to see exactly what we have in stock:




The latest BTD news has been posted on our discussion board.  Here are a couple of highlights:

We completed the first ever Amora Gem radiants last week – these were 10x8mm. Here’s a studio photo:

and a studio video:

We’ll have 9x7mm Radiants ready in the next two weeks.

Here’s the link to the Amora Radiant page:

Amora Gem Ultra: Ultra sales continue to rocket. We’ve restocked a number of 7.5mm and near 6.5mm (.90ct) today, and are working hard over the next few weeks to really stock up on the 6mm – 7.5mm which have been historically very low on stock. Of interest, the latest sets of Amoras have trended back towards F as the default with D color being much more in line with the historical norm of 10%.

BTD News:

Timeless Regal for Cushion – video: With our Timeless Regal for rounds being our best-selling ring by far, we’ve been expanding the Regal to cover all of our Amora Gem shapes. I’m thus happy to show you our first video of our new Timeless Regal for Cushions:

Here’s the link to our Cushion Regal page:

Takara lab diamonds – now in Ideal cut rounds! We had our latest restock of our Takara lab diamonds in sizes from 1.03ct – 1.51ct. The big news is that *all* of these Takara’s are now being cut to Ideal cut rounds!
This will also be the case that all Takaras going forward will be cut to Ideal cut round standards. This is another step forward for the Takara lab diamonds and we’ll have a new video and photo made to show off the ideal cutting.

Takara 1.03ct – D color, Ideal cut, Internally Flawless! I’m also happy to announce that this restock of Takara’s has our first ever D color, Internally Flawless Takara! That’s a very exciting achievement as it puts this Takara as among the most perfect diamonds on the planet. Takara’s are already purer and harder than 98% of all mined diamonds and now we have both a D color and Internally Flawless, putting this Takara as one of the most perfect (atomically and gemologically) diamonds on the planet.

While we typically have high clarity overall (i.e. VVS is the norm) for most Takara’s, this is the first time to ever achieve D color and Internally Flawless!

Our Takara lab diamond inventory page is here:


Elephant poaching updates. I’m happy to note that there has been several ‘good news’ accomplishments this past month for the betterment of Elephants everywhere:

1 – WA State passes a statewide ban on trafficking and sale of animal parts from 10 endangered species, including Elephants.

2 – Tanzania getting serious about stopping poaching and this month they captured two long term criminals known as “The Queen of Ivory” and “The Devil”. Their capture is a great sign of future improvements for elephants everywhere.

Since this update was delayed a week due to computer issues, we’ll have a smaller gap (three weeks) before the next update.
In the interim have a great weekend, and for US readers – Happy Thanksgiving! See you at the end of November as we head into the Holiday Season!


The full post, with more news, updates, and videos, can be found on our discussion board here!

Today we are thrilled to announce that the first batch of radiant cut Amora Gems are in stock and available for immediate purchase!

Amora Gem Radiant :  first studio photo. 4.01ct, 10.25x8.29mm F/IF Amora Gem radiant cut, #2004716

This first batch of radiants are in the 8x10mm size range.



Also included in this restock are Ultras measuring 7.95mm up to 8.54mm, or the 1.94 – 2.29ct weight ranges.


This week’s Amora Gem restock includes Asscher cut Amora Gems in sizes just under 9mm, OECs in the 8mm range, and Ultras from 8mm up to 9.5mm!

We have sent emails to those who had requested to be notified for Amoras in these options.  To sign up to be notified for future availability, our notification page is here:


Our website shows live inventory, and this search page allows a custom view of what we have available:


We are working with Good Old Gold on offering our Amora Gem in their patented August Vintage Cushion cut.

Details are still being sorted out, but here are the first computer rendered images showing the faceting and design:

Amora Gem AVC

Amora Gem AVC


More updates will be posted as we have additional information, but we are hoping to have these available later in the year!

For those with interest in this cut, please sign up on our notification list and specify the size AVC you are after. This will help us to prioritize what sizes to make for initial production:

This week’s Amora Gem restock includes a few Ultras in sizes just over 1ct, and a few just under 3ct weight.  But we are especially excited about the larger Ultras, including one that weighs 5.59ct!  There are quite a few 11mm+ Amora Gems in today’s restock, and notification emails have been sent out to those who had requested them.

The most up-to-date information available as to what is anticipated to be in the next restock(s) can be found here:
and live inventory can be quickly searched on our website using the inventory search page

To be emailed for future availability, please sign up on our notification list, here:



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