While Asha doesn’t get much coverage in our blog, it continues to be a popular choice among our customers.
Today we have completed a restock of a number of options, including some that had been temporarily sold out!


Today’s Asha restock includes:
Hearts & Arrows Rounds in the 5mm – 8.5mm (.5ct – 2.5ct) size range,
cushions in the 6mm – 8mm (1ct – 3ct) size range,
and the previously sold out, best-selling, 6.5mm (1.5ct) princess.


The latest update came a little early due to the holidays, so here are a few highlights:

Happy Thanksgiving! Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, this month’s blog update is earlier than ever as next Friday will be December, and with the Thanksgiving Holiday, Wednesday becomes the last working day of this week.

A shorter update overall but lots of good news!

Amora Gem Update:

TIGER-1 upgraded to 1.1…working flawlessly! To pick up where we left off last month, we had our v3 nanopolish parts arrive and we were just kicking off full Soaring Hearts Eternity production.
Unfortunately both of the first runs then crashed out an hour and a half hour before completion due to error’s we’d never seen.
The root cause turned out to be that we had 4 weeks of non-stop rain here in Seattle, and the humidity built up inside TIGER’s body and affected the electrical contacts.
Thus with data being transmitted as digital spikes of voltage the moisture was disrupting the data in the commands issued, resulting in random and never before seen errors.

Thus, we opted to take TIGER offline and proceed with a full electronics upgrade (with waterproof connectors) that we had been planning, along with a rebuilding of TIGER’s wrists and tuning of all it’s arms, plus a few software algorithm improvements. We also installed a fan inside TIGER and put in a de-humidifier in the lab.

TIGER has thus became TIGER 1.1 and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Production for Soaring Hearts Eternity has now achieved near ‘push button’ processing and TIGER’s precision is the best it has ever been.

Soaring Hearts Eternity production – excellent production flow at last: As mentioned, production for Soaring Hearts Eternity has ramped up nicely with TIGER 1.1. We had a restock of both 6.5mm/7mm and also 8mm this past week.
Everything promptly sold out but we expect to continue to have record weekly production going forward. December will be 7.5mm and 8mm primarily.

TIGER-2 and TIGER-3 – all parts complete. Assembly starts next week: I’m happy to note that all parts for TIGER-2 and TIGER-3 have completed machining and are now in shipping to our assembly warehouse.
We’re hoping to get TIGER-2 online as early as Christmas and TIGER-3 by Valentines Day.
This of course will let us triple production early in 2017, and allow us a lot more flexibility in terms of size range and eventually shapes.


When a brand name means nothing… After we purchased the aforementioned de-humidifier for our lab, we then received an email about a recall notice for various de-humidifiers. What was interesting was how many ‘distinct brands’ were in fact nothing but the same Chinese made de-humidifier under the covers.
As part of the recall, the US consumer govt site showed there were 53 brand names being recalled because apparently, these were all actually made by 1 single Chinese manufacturer (Midea).

This included names like Honeywell, Sylvania, GE, Kenmore, etc. which you would have assumed all had their own plants and making unique, distinct products.

Instead you have 1 actual maker putting 53 different brand labels on their product, so your trust in ‘brand X’ would have been misplaced since they were all being made at the same place, with the same now recalled flaw, but with a different label on the front. And hence all being recalled for the exact same problem.

This is similar in fact to many of the new ‘moissanite’ brands popping up – for most of these, there’s one Chinese maker supplying, but everyone is putting their own brand name on the same product causing consumers to think there’s all kinds of new moissanite makers entering the market.

For reference, we are the actual manufacturer of the Amora Gem, cut by TIGER. It’s not just a brand name slapped on the same gem everyone else has.

Here’s the full recall name list of the 1 single Midea manufactured de-humidifier to show the 53 brand names with 1 actual maker.

“This recall involves 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 75-pint dehumidifiers with the following brand names:
Airworks, Alen, Arcticaire, Arctic King, Beaumark, Coolworks, ComfortAire, Comfort Star, Continental Electic, Crosley, Daewoo, Danby, Danby & Designer, Dayton, Degree, Diplomat, Edgestar, Excell, Fellini, Forest Air, Frigidaire, GE, Grunaire, Hanover, Honeywell, Homestyles, Hyundai, Ideal Air, Kenmore (Canada), Keystone, Kul, Midea, Nantucket, Ocean Breeze, Pelonis, Perfect Aire, Perfect Home, Polar Wind, Premiere, Professional Series, Royal Sovereign, Simplicity, Sunbeam, SPT, Sylvania, TGM, Touch Point, Trutemp, Uberhaus, Westpointe, Winix, and Winixl.”

Actual maker = Midea.


Happy Thanksgiving to all! We’ll have one more update right after Christmas to catch up on the Soaring Hearts Eternity production and TIGER-2 and T3 expansion for the last update of 2016!


The full post with all the news and more details can be found on our discussion board, here!

BTD’s president has posted this month’s update on our discussion board, and here’s a preview:

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!!

Amora Gem Updates!

Production – not much this month…but new part for nanopolish arrived today! So we actually accomplished a ton of things under the covers but as part of all those improvements.

Video review of Soaring Hearts!
Jonathan (of GoodOldGold.com and also AugustVintage.com) is releasing a 4 of 5 part video review series on the Soaring Hearts Eternity.

It’s quite detailed so there’s several parts to it.
There are 5 total segments, 4 of which have been released.

I’ll post these in reverse order because I think you’ll like to jump into the lighting comparisons first, and then into the technical data:

Part 2: Lighting comparisons (indoor type lighting)

Part 1: Intro and Tech data:


Final segment to come. Thanks very much to Jonathan for making this detailed review.

AVC update: Note that while we are not going to do any fancy cuts until we are better caught up on Soaring Hearts demand, I did want to mention that the AVC has been further optimized by Jonathan after he purchased the same software we and GIA have for modeling. Thus, when we do start AVC Amora production you’ll see an even more improved AVC than before.

That’s it for this month’s update! Happy Halloween, have a great month and hope to see you the end of November!


The full post can be found on our discussion board, here!

This has been an exciting month!  The president of BTD has posted the most recent update over on our discussion board, and as always we share a few highlights here:

Happy Friday & Happy Fall!

Amora Gem Updates:

Update to the Soaring Hearts cut – Soaring Hearts Eternity: As previously discussed, the Soaring Hearts cut was optimized using the best available cut modeling software in the world. Only GIA, BTD and now Jonathan (from Good Old Gold) have the full pro version of it in the US.

However, the company who makes the software has been research and have improved the modeling from mono-scopic (or one eye) to include how humans see (stereoscopic) to perfect the stereoscopic modeling. They are no longer releasing software updates but in a discussion with them they are doing the stereoscopic modeling on a private, contract basis. The Stereoscopic modeling is much more computationally expensive but accurately reflects how humans will perceive it vs. simply optimizing total light ray balance which is how all modeling has always been done.

Here’s an illustration to show what happens when you view a stone – each eye actually see’s a slightly angled view of the stone, and then both images are merged in your brain for the final single image of what you see.


This btw also clarifies one reason people often say their camera (or monoscopic) photos and videos don’t reflect how it appears in ‘real life’ or stereo vision. The merging of different fire/brilliance in each eye at the same point on the stone are what creates a lot of the sparkle and thus why it can be so hard, if not impossible, to replicate what you really see in person with a single eye camera.

Since we want to ensure the Soaring Hearts is the Ultimate H&A cut, we hired them to perfect the Soaring Hearts H&A using their stereoscopic modeling.

Next up was laser testing of the cut prototypes to verify how perfectly TIGER was cutting to the final design. Of interest, we learned that OGI lasers are not nearly as accurate as we would have hoped, and thus had to move to SarinHD lasers to perfect the calibration.

Thus, all Soaring Hearts, certed from 10,000,121 and higher, are the new (and stereo optimized) Soaring Hearts cut!

With all that background, let’s take a look now at the Soaring Hearts Eternity (or stereo optimized) H&A in a studio photo:


There is no future R&D planned at this point as we are confident we have developed the ultimate H&A cut for the Amora, and the focus now is to expand production.

Have a great weekend and month and see you end of October!


The full post can be found on our discussion board, here!

August has been a busy month here at BetterThanDiamond, and the president of our company has posted the latest news in the blog.   Here are a few highlights:

Happy Friday! We’ve got one of our more exciting updates this month, so let’s get underway!

BTD makes the Inc 5000!
The Inc 5000 is the annual list of the fastest growing private companies in the US.
BTD ranked #2949, so in the middle of the pack.
As a result, we get to use this nice award logo on our site among other things. Thanks very much for your support as that’s what helped us accomplish this!

Award logo:

BTD News:

Soaring Hearts Production Updates: I’m pleased to note that production has accelerated and we’re setting a new weekly production record this week (at last!).

As a result, this week we’ve restocked 9mm (G-H color, VS1-Internally Flawless). These sold out but not before the email notifications were sent.
We also restocked 8mm today (also sold out), and now have 7.5mm in progress.

Next week we will also be running our first ever 6.5mm for the Soaring Hearts as well.

The plan for the next month is cycling from 6.5mm, 7.5mm, 8mm and 9mm over and over to ensure coverage of the highest demand sizes. I should note that waiting list emails are going out with each restock now, however, they are sent in chronological order from sign up and done proportionately the amount in stock (i.e. the entire list is not blasted when there are only a few stones available, rather a subset is emailed and if they do not sell out, another subset, etc. all in chronological order from sign up).

Soaring Hearts photos! As I mentioned previously we were hoping to have some pro video and photos shot once we had an IF and colorless Soaring Hearts. Ironically, we got our very first one today (D-IF!) but since I knew there would be rioting in the streets of the message boards if another ‘all text’ blog update arrived…I grabbed an H/IF Soaring Hearts and we shot photos for you :)

Thus, let’s get to the good stuff. Instead of just shooting the Soaring Hearts, by itself, we’ve upped the ante and shot it right next to a stunning 2.22ct AGS-000 H&A diamond so you can see directly how the Soaring Hearts compares to a top tier H&A diamond!

Here’s the specs of each:

Left: Soaring Hearts Amora Gem 2.79ct, H/IF ($1615)
Right: H&A Diamond, 2.22ct, AGS-000 (AGS Triple Zero!), F/VS1 ($42,500)

For reference, the Amora is $1615 and the H&A Diamond is $42,500.



First ever D color, Internally Flawless Soaring Hearts! Literally today we got the grading results which included our first ever D color, Internally Flawless Soaring Hearts! This one sold within minutes of posting but very happy to see our first D/IF in Soaring Hearts!

TIGER-2 and TIGER-3 moving along nicely: We have the last set of custom manufactured parts in progress now and are on track for T-2 and T-3 to be ready in early November. These will greatly help improve production volume.

That’s it for this month! We will continue expanding production and hopefully add more photos/videos over the next month as well.
Have a great weekend, a great month, and hope to see you end of September!


As always, the full post with more details, more news, and more pictures can be found on our discussion board!

As July come to a close, we have another post from BTD’s president with the latest news :

Happy Friday! This month’s update is shorter than usual so lets get underway!

Amora Gem Updates:

Soaring Hearts Production! We’ve been slowly increasing the total weekly production.
We have two main bottlenecks left to resolve and have new parts underway that should be ready within two weeks.

For reference, one of the bottlenecks is simply due to Amora Gems toughness. It’s a battle with diamond in the initial shaping steps, and it makes for very slow progress as compared to shaping any other gem such as CZ, Sapphire, etc.

So some of the most appealing aspects of Amora – it’s extreme hardness and toughness – also make it an imposing challenge for anyone to process.

Where’s the official video and photos? We’ve held off on doing this for two reasons. First, I’ve been waiting to get a colorless and ideally, Internally Flawless, Soaring Hearts to do our official videos and photos. Secondly, with the extreme demand, I felt it didn’t make sense to tie one up for a week plus, rather than simply selling the production to help offset demand.

BTD News:

New website approaching completion: We’re continuing to work on our new website and added the infrastructure for multi-lingual support this week. Chinese (Simplified and then Traditional) will be the first languages, likely followed by French and German.


Paper regarding Amora Gem/ Silcon Carbide and astrophysics: A customer recently asked if there were any papers discussing Amora Gem / Silicon Carbide and where they exist as stardust in outer space. I’m happy to share one such paper here for those interested:

One of the highlights is that in terms of nebulae, the Egg and Spirograph Nebulae, both highly photographed have been proven to hold Silicon Carbide.
Anyway, it’s a very detailed paper but may be of interest to peruse.

That’s it for this month’s update! Have a great weekend and a great month. We’ll have a lot more news and updates and hopefully official video and photos next month. See you then!

The full post with more news and all the details can be found on our discussion board, here!

As mentioned last week, the president of BTD has published the most recent news on our discussion board.  Here are a few highlights:

Soaring Hearts – First Soaring Hearts H&A ready for sale! After a lot of investment in R&D and new tooling and many months of effort and testing, we’ve now got our first 8mm Soaring Hearts finished.

Let’s start with the very first one and it’s grading report:

Amora Gem Soaring Hearts grading certificate

As it worked out, the first Soaring Hearts were actually certed on July 4th. Appropriate since Amoras are 100% cut in the USA!

Detailed highlights of the new Soaring Hearts:
1 – New Nano-metric polishing
2 – 64 facet vertical girdle – the same as done on H&A diamonds.
3 – TIGER micron-level precision cutting. We’ve improved the precision over the previous TIGER cut Ultras.

The grading lab did take a high-res (60x) photo so I could show the new nano-metric polish, so here’s a zoomed in look of the crown with the new polish:

60x zoom nanometric polish

As you can see, even at 60X there’s no polish lines.  For reference, the faint long white lines are the pavilion facets reflecting in.

The new 64 facet girdle is done the same way as H&A diamonds (vertical faceting). The girdle faceting is, relatively speaking, an extremely costly process – it takes up 1/3 of the cutting time to do 4% of the stone. In addition, you go from dealing with 57 facets to 57 + 64 = 121 facets!

This is why Moissanite, CZ, etc. all don’t bother to do the faceted girdles as it’s too costly. Instead it is simply polished smooth.

Soaring Hearts – upcoming production: We’ll be increasing production of the Soaring Hearts and should have 7mm – 9mm over the next two weeks, along with 6.5mm after that.
All of July and likely well beyond will be focused entirely on Soaring Hearts production as we have a very long waiting list to catch up on.

Next month we’ll definitely have more info such as pro photos, videos, etc. for the Soaring Hearts.
In the interim, have a great weekend and see you end of the month!

The full post with lots more news and details can be found on our discussion board, here!

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