The first news post on the blog for 2016!  Below are some highlights, but the full post is available on our discussion board, here.

This is our first monthly update for 2016, and since we skipped December due to the Holidays, we’ve got a lot to go over!

Amora Gem Updates:

New Amora Gem production facility: We are all moved in to our new manufacturing facility and the larger size and customizations done prior to moving in are paying off.

New photos for Amora Gems: As I mentioned in the December updates, we’d been working to have our Amora Gems photoed in some very high end photos. I’m thus pleased to show you all the photos for the Amora Ultra, Cushion, OEC and Asscher.

First, the Amora Gem Ultra which you likely saw in December – the ‘draft’ photo simply became the final photo:


Of interest, after posting this photo on our Facebook page in early December it spread rapidly and received nearly 32,000 likes!


Next, the Amora Gem OEC:


The Amora Gem Cushion:

and finally the Amora Gem Asscher:

Missing of course is the Amora Gem Princess and the AVC and Oval – we have no inventory of those and so didn’t have any to send for photos.

Amora Gem Inventory situation: Unfortunately we continue to have insufficent production currently to meet demand. Demand seems to have increased so that we are actually facing near all time lows in terms of total inventory available.

We are working as hard as possible to get TIGER completed and into production as that will be the key for increasing total production.

For reference, here’s our Amora Gem Ultra inventory page.

Amora Gem melee sizes: There have been more inquiries about this so a quick update – we do have a nice range of rough sizes for melee (i.e. 3mm or .10ct sizes, .15ct, etc). Unfortunately only TIGER can process these small sizes so I’m not expecting we’ll be able to cut this rough into finished Amora’s until early Summer. However, it is very much on our planned production as soon as we can get TIGER in and get caught up on center stone size production.

Nice customer feedback on the Amora Ultra:

Thanks very much to this customer for taking the time to write! I forwarded this review to our staff as well since it’s nice for everyone involved to see your work making other people happy!

BTD News:

Big changes for our message boards – moved to!  We’ve upgraded our message boards to all new software and spun it off into it’s own website –

The address may look a bit odd, since you are probably only familiar with .com or .net. The .jewelry is a new extension for jewelry related sites that just became available in April of last year. It functions the same as the .com in the web address. now has extended SSL certificate: As we steadily grow, we’re going through and improving every aspect of our website. One of these improvements was to obtain what is known as an “Extended SSL certificate”. This is visible as a green highlighted section in the browser bar showing the company name and country, rather than just the standard lock icon.
To get this, you go through a series of various checks where they verify among other things – are you located where you claim, do you really have a company, do you really own this website, etc. etc. Basically you have to provide independent verification for many aspects of your company.

After working on that in January, I’m pleased to note that we have obtained our extended SSL cert and when you visit our site you’ll see the green bar showing it’s an extended cert:


Progress continues on BTD’s new website: We’re continuing to work on an all new website for our ecommerce site. We’ve currently setup a system with arguably the world’s fastest server stack and are currently moving over all our data and products into the new site and store. Ideally we’ll have this ready to go live in March. Lots more to do but it is being very actively worked on!


Good news for Elephants – price of ivory drops 50% in China, poaching in Kenya drops by over 50%: While I don’t have any new photos of our sponsored Elephants Amora or Quanza, I am happy to report that the overall environment for elephants is improving from what were terrible poaching stats for the past five years.

Two drivers of that change – the price for Ivory in China, the world’s largest consumer of poached Ivory, has crashed over 50% this past year. High prices of course provide high incentive for people to poach elephants.

And related, poaching in Kenya has declined over 50% the past two years due to increased policing, sniffer dogs, harsher jail sentences and as noted, the large decrease in price for Ivory.

Thus, overall very good news for elephants and the world! Of interest, it appears that part of the price bubble was not fully consumer demand, but investors using ivory to speculate much like they would in gold or other commodities in China:

Link Between Ivory Price Drop and China’s Trade Ban Questioned

That’s it for our first update of 2016!
Have a great weekend and a great month and see you at the end of February, hopefully with good news about TIGER!

Today’s restock has added Amora Gem Ultra H&A rounds in sizes from just over 7.5mm to just under 8.5mm.
Notifications have been sent to those who requested them.  We are currently focusing on restocking our available inventory of Ultras.

Our Amora Gem Live Inventory search page shows at a glance exactly what we have available for immediate purchase, and also features a link to our notification service to be contacted for future availability.

This week we restocked some of the sold-out sizes in our Amora Gem!

We restocked:

  • Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions in 7.5 – 8mm size range
  • Amora Gem Ultra H&A Rounds in the 10.50mm size range

Those who had signed up to be notified have been emailed of availability.


Our website shows live inventory so the sizes and options shown are what we currently have available for immediate purchase.  By signing up on our notification list, you will automatically be emailed when an Amora matching your requested options is available for purchase.

The most recent Amora Gem restock included Ultras ranging from 7mm – 8.20mm, or the 1.5-2ct size range.


Emails have been sent to those who signed up on our notification list, and our current available inventory is always available here.

Amora® - More Fire, More Brilliance, More Passion™

This week’s restock, the first Amora restock of 2016, helped us replenish our inventory of Ultras in the 7mm – 7.5mm size range.

Notification emails have been sent to those who signed up on our notification list, and our current available inventory is always available here.


Amora Gem Ultra. 2.09ct D/IF, Studio photo

We’ve added a new page with a simple explanation since we get this question frequently.  Plus, you’ll understand exactly why Amora Gem has superior fire, brilliance and toughness compared to it’s cousin, the diamond.

Click here to read – What is an Amora Gem?

This week’s Amora Gem restock included a pair of cushions, each just over 1ct in weight, as well as Ultras in the 1ct or 6.5mm size, as well as 3ct+ Ultras in the 9.5-9.75mm size range.

Our Inventory Search page is the easiest way to see what we currently have in stock:


Amora Gem Ultra


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