Our most recent Amora Gem restock includes H&A Cushions in 11mm+ sizes.
6.61 – 6.69xt stones are in stock now, available for immediate purchase.

Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions


This restock also included a large number of Amora Gem Ultra H&A rounds in the 7.0mm – 8.5mm sizes.

We have added quite a few Amora Gem Ultra H&A rounds to our available inventory.  Today’s restock includes sizes from 1.29ct – 3.57ct, or right at 7mm up to 9.75mm.


Amora Gem Ultra H&A

BTD’s president has posted the most recent news and updates in the forum blog, and here are a few highlights:

Hi all,
Happy Friday and Happy New Year – 2015! (and early Happy Chinese New Year!)

2015 is of course ‘the’ year for Amora Gem as the US market will shortly be open in full.

Record 2014 sales for BTD.  First and foremost, I wanted to thank all of our customers for your support and feedback this past year.
Given that people ‘vote’ for products with their purchasing dollars, then our growth can be viewed as feedback that we are producing and offering lab grown gems that a growing number of customers are pleased to purchase and wear.

Amora Gem Updates:

Ultra inventory – restocked < 1.50ct sizes, but sold out again: We have been working hard to produce more Amora Gem Ultra’s below the 1.50ct size, but even with the recent restock of .80ct – 1.25ct, those sold out within a week and we are currently sold out again for the past two weeks.
We are shifting some resources towards expanding the < 1.50ct sizes and hope to have some much larger restocks in February. Note that we also expect to have more 6mm range (.75ct) in February as well.

New notification list – http://BetterThanDiamond.com/notify
We’ve setup an improved notification system directly on BetterThanDiamond.com now that will supercede our old system on AmoraGems.com (note- you’ll still be notified if you signed up already via AmoraGems.com!).

We are planning to expand it next month to handle requests for other products (Asha, Takara, Amora Enhanced) as well.

Amora Cushion Explosion: We’ve been able to slowly expand our Cushion production, but what has been a surprise is the amount of demand for the Amora Gem Cushion cut. It’s rare that a restock lasts a single week out for sale, and further,the notification list is now twice as long for Cushions as for the Ultra.
As a result, we are expanding Cushion cut production for February and hope to be able to stock a spread of sizes from 7mm – 11mm over the next four weeks.

BTD News:

Amora Enhanced Production continuing for now: Amora Enhanced Moissanite continues to see demand, so for now we are continuing production. Currently we have more 7mm and 7.5mm in progress. These should be ready near the end of February.


The full post, with much more news and more updates can be found on our discussion board, here!

This week we have restocked some previously sold-out sizes in our Amora Gem.   Currently sizes from 1.26ct (7.38mm) up to 6.08ct (12.37mm) are in stock in our Amora Gem Ultra H&A Rounds.

We also have a few Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions in stock in the 2.79-2.80ct size, or just under 8.5mm.

Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions

To sign up on the notification list, to be emailed for future availability, please sign up here: http://betterthandiamond.com/pages/notify.html

Amora enhanced Moissanite
Our Amora enhanced Moissanite is in stock and available for immediate purchase in the 6mm, 7.5mm and 8mm sizes.

For any other size, please email to be added to the notification list.

We have added our most recent Amora Gems to our current inventory, and this latest restock included stones in the 1.36ct – 1.86ct size range.

Our website always shows live inventory, and our Amora Gem Ultra H&A rounds can be found on our website, here!

The latest news post is available on our discussion board, and here are a few highlights:

Hi all!
Happy Friday, and – Happy Holidays! We are in our peak sales time now and combined with our current lawsuit roster, time is scarce so this months update might be a bit more spartan, but that said, let’s get underway with the latest updates!

Amora Gem Updates:

Sold out of 1ct, 1.25ct, 1.50ct Ultras: Even with our best efforts, we are currently sold out and have been sold out for some of the main sizes. We have more rough and are processing more but how many we can complete in time for the holidays is still unclear. We will hopefully have at least one restock in early December for these sold out sizes.

TIGER robot updates! For some positive updates – our TIGER robot cutting system has been flying through the various milestones thanks to our brilliant PhD robot lead, combined with a lot of working weekends and late evenings. The initial design spec, initial mechanical drawings, component and total architecture have all been completed. It is very much an order of magnitude leap over our previous robot suppliers systems. We are now moving into the actual parts selection and procurement as well as initial software design.
I am very excited about our new robotics division and our TIGER cutting robots. There is no doubt in my mind these will be the world’s premiere gem cutting robots. We are on track for having the first one moving into production in May.

Amora Gem – jeweler comment: Finally, I’ll share some nice feedback from a jeweler who saw an Amora Gem for the first time and emailed us: “…it looks like you hit it out of the park with the Amora Gem. Congrats. These gems might throw the industry a curve ball. Impressive.”

BTD News:

Yet another lawsuit – vendor overbilling: On some disappointing news, we had to file yet another lawsuit this month. This past summer we had discovered that a long time vendor had been consistently over-billing us.
Amazingly, two days after the vendor was served with the lawsuit – guess what – our long overdue first payment arrived.

Amora enhanced Production updates: We’ve been able to continue with relatively steady production and so we now have 6.5mm, 7.0mm, 7.5mm and 8mm Amora Enhanced in stock again: https://betterthandiamond.com/products/Amora-Moissanite-Round.html

Asha production – close to a restock: We are continuing to process a larger batch of rounds, as well as a few princess and cushion sizes, and hope to have those restocking within the next two weeks. That will cover the currently sold out sizes as well as increase stock on other low stock sizes.

Annual BTD Holiday Charity donation – Hero Rats! Every year for the Holidays BTD makes a donation to a various charity. This year, we have made a donation to support Apopo.org, and their amazing ‘Hero Rats’. What is a hero Rat? Basically, these are giant African rats that have been trained to clear landmines and by doing so, have already cleared out over 10 Million square meters of mine strewn land in Mozambique, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania and more. A total of 37,349 land mines and unexploded bombs have been removed thanks to these hero Rats.  These special hero Rats are able to detect mines 50x faster than a human trying to do the same, and because they are light (3 pounds), they don’t trigger the mines when stepping on them during the detection phase.

The rats have to go through a 9 month+ training program to learn how to detect the mines and so our donation is to help fund their training so that the world can continue to become a better and safer place.

In short, these rats are able to save lives and limbs, and we are pleased to help fund Apopo’s efforts towards this unique combination of human/rat teams to make the world a better place.
You can learn more at http://apopo.org

Amora the Elephant, photo update! For those who have been reading our blog for the past three years, you’ll know that we have been constantly harping about the blood ivory situation and have put some of BTD’s profits towards helping protect elephants from poaching. As part of that, we previously made a donation to Amboselli Trust for Elephants (http://elephanttrust.org) and we were given the opportunity to name a newborn elephant as thanks for our donation.

We named this baby ‘Amora’ since her birth coincided with the initial preview of our Amora Gem in 2011, and we’ve shown some various photos of her since then here on the blog as she continues to grow.

I’m pleased to share the latest photo from two weeks ago, courtesy of Amboselli Trust, of beautiful Amora the Elephant. She just turned 3 years old, and guess who has her tusks starting to show!

As you can see, she’s doing great and given the rapid drain on the elephant population due to continued poaching for ivory, that’s a really wonderful site to see.

(Note that Amboselli has a great facebook page where you can keep up to date on all their work (40 years and counting!) and they have lots of stunning photos to see: https://www.facebook.com/AmboseliElephants)

That’s it for this months update and for 2014! We will not have an update in December as we’ll be out for Christmas holidays, but we’ll continue in January – 2015! A big year for Amora Gem.

Happy Holidays to you and your family, and see you next year!

The complete post with more news, details, updates and photos can be found on our discussion board, here!


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