Our most recent group of Takara lab-grown diamonds included a 2.40ct ideal cut round which is, for now, the worlds largest, colorless, round lab grown diamond available for sale.

Lots of different papers have released this news, here’s the link to the Yahoo online version:


Takara lab grown diamonds are real, lab grown diamonds and ship with independent diamond grading reports from a reputable gem lab.

Takara lab diamonds offer the stunning beauty of top-grade, real diamond but at a fraction of the equivalent mined diamond price and with no ethical or environmental concerns.

All Takara diamonds will test positive as diamond under *any* test for diamond – because they are real diamonds, just lab grown rather than mined.


Takara Lab Diamond, 1.07ct D/VVS2. Studio Photo

Customers who had signed up to be notified for Amora Gem Ultra H&A rounds in the 8.6mm – 9.25mm size range have been contacted.

This latest restock included 2.31ct – 3.09ct sizes, and our Inventory Search page allows for easy searching to see what is available in a desired combination of options:


Amora Gem Ultra H&A

Here’s our first studio video of the Amora Gem oval:

We’ll have the studio photo ready soon, but hopefully the video lets you see the fire and brilliance in the oval!

We are very pleased to announce that the first few oval Amora Gems are now available!

These are in the 9×7 – 9.5×9.5mm stone size range, and go from 2.10ct up to just over 2.25ct in weight.  Color options range from D-G.

Studio photo and video will be available soon, but in the meantime here is a sneak preview photo of one of the production ovals:

Amora Gem Oval


To sign up on the notification list, to be emailed for future availability, please sign up here: http://betterthandiamond.com/pages/notify.html

This will help us to prioritize what sizes to make for initial production.


Today’s Amora Gem restock includes Ultra H&A rounds in sizes from .52ct up to 2.02ct.

Notification emails have been sent to those who had requested them via our notification page.


To search our available inventory, try our Amora Gem Inventory Search function!


Amora Gem Ultra H&A

The most recent Amora Gem restock included Asschers from 6.50mm up to 7.10mm (1.36 – 1.84ct weight), princess cuts from 6.90mm to 7.26mm (1.93 – 2.21ct weight), and Ultra H&A rounds from 6.10mm to 7.36mm (.80 – 1.49ct weight).

Notifications have been sent to those on our contact list, and our website shows live inventory so only the options currently showing as available are what we currently have in stock.  See our Inventory Search page here!


To be emailed of future restocks, please sign up on our notification list:


Amora Gem: Asscher Cut

The latest news post can be found on our discussion board, here!

And a few highlights:

Amora Gem Updates:

Expansion of inventory for 5mm – 6.5mm Ultra sizes: The first few restocks in that size range sold out rapidly but we’re now producing enough that we’re able to keep available inventory on the site, and hope to continue to keep stock available on a longer term basis.

Lots more Fancy Cut Amoras coming next month: We restocked both the Princess and Asscher cuts in the 1.5ct range last week. The result was pretty amazing – everything sold out in roughly two hours! That level of demand was far higher than expected, so we are rapidly working to expand the inventory for the 1.5ct – 2.0ct sizes for not only Princess and Asscher but also the Cushion H&A (also sold out now).
The first of these should be ready next week, so if you are interested,we recommend signing up on the notification list in case these also sell out rapidly:

BetterThanDiamond News:

BTD website now mobile enabled! As mentioned last month we were putting in a lot of work on our website to handle mobile phone/tablet access, and I’m pleased to note that the site is now fully mobile enabled!

Amora Enhanced Moissanite restock: We have continued to process what may be the last runs of the Amora enhanced Moissanite and recently restocked the 6.5mm and 8mm sizes. We have 7.5mm in progress now. It’s not clear that we will continue to process these after August, but for now these are in stock and available:


China agrees to end it’s ivory trade! We haven’t had many updates on the blood ivory situation and on our two BTD sponsored elephants (Amora and Quanza), but last month the ultimate solution to the blood ivory problem was likely announced.
China is the worlds largest consumer of ivory and is largely the ‘money’ driving the demand for ivory.
Thus, China announcing that it would phase out it’s ivory trade, would eliminate the largest driver of demand that has created the current elephant poaching crisis. Assuming it is followed through as promised, this will end China’s legal ivory trade by 2017.

BTD donates to WA state initiative to ban ivory and rhino horn trade: On that topic, I’m pleased to note that a new initiative has started here in WA to ban ivory and rhino horn trade at the state level. While there are Federal laws in the US banning the ivory trade, enforcement is apparently very lax and so WA state citizens are attempting to take matters into their own hands and pass a new initiative that would criminalize ivory and rhino horn trade.  The idea is that by having laws at the state level, the equivalent Federal laws would thus be better enforced resulting in a more effective ban.
Thus, I’m pleased to note that BTD has made a contribution to help their efforts to promote and have this initiative passed into law. It would be the first law of it’s type in the US at the state level.

The full post, with more news, details, and upcoming items can be found on our discussion board, here!


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