As July come to a close, we have another post from BTD’s president with the latest news :

Happy Friday! This month’s update is shorter than usual so lets get underway!

Amora Gem Updates:

Soaring Hearts Production! We’ve been slowly increasing the total weekly production.
We have two main bottlenecks left to resolve and have new parts underway that should be ready within two weeks.

For reference, one of the bottlenecks is simply due to Amora Gems toughness. It’s a battle with diamond in the initial shaping steps, and it makes for very slow progress as compared to shaping any other gem such as CZ, Sapphire, etc.

So some of the most appealing aspects of Amora – it’s extreme hardness and toughness – also make it an imposing challenge for anyone to process.

Where’s the official video and photos? We’ve held off on doing this for two reasons. First, I’ve been waiting to get a colorless and ideally, Internally Flawless, Soaring Hearts to do our official videos and photos. Secondly, with the extreme demand, I felt it didn’t make sense to tie one up for a week plus, rather than simply selling the production to help offset demand.

BTD News:

New website approaching completion: We’re continuing to work on our new website and added the infrastructure for multi-lingual support this week. Chinese (Simplified and then Traditional) will be the first languages, likely followed by French and German.


Paper regarding Amora Gem/ Silcon Carbide and astrophysics: A customer recently asked if there were any papers discussing Amora Gem / Silicon Carbide and where they exist as stardust in outer space. I’m happy to share one such paper here for those interested:

One of the highlights is that in terms of nebulae, the Egg and Spirograph Nebulae, both highly photographed have been proven to hold Silicon Carbide.
Anyway, it’s a very detailed paper but may be of interest to peruse.

That’s it for this month’s update! Have a great weekend and a great month. We’ll have a lot more news and updates and hopefully official video and photos next month. See you then!

The full post with more news and all the details can be found on our discussion board, here!