This has been an exciting month!  The president of BTD has posted the most recent update over on our discussion board, and as always we share a few highlights here:

Happy Friday & Happy Fall!

Amora Gem Updates:

Update to the Soaring Hearts cut – Soaring Hearts Eternity: As previously discussed, the Soaring Hearts cut was optimized using the best available cut modeling software in the world. Only GIA, BTD and now Jonathan (from Good Old Gold) have the full pro version of it in the US.

However, the company who makes the software has been research and have improved the modeling from mono-scopic (or one eye) to include how humans see (stereoscopic) to perfect the stereoscopic modeling. They are no longer releasing software updates but in a discussion with them they are doing the stereoscopic modeling on a private, contract basis. The Stereoscopic modeling is much more computationally expensive but accurately reflects how humans will perceive it vs. simply optimizing total light ray balance which is how all modeling has always been done.

Here’s an illustration to show what happens when you view a stone – each eye actually see’s a slightly angled view of the stone, and then both images are merged in your brain for the final single image of what you see.


This btw also clarifies one reason people often say their camera (or monoscopic) photos and videos don’t reflect how it appears in ‘real life’ or stereo vision. The merging of different fire/brilliance in each eye at the same point on the stone are what creates a lot of the sparkle and thus why it can be so hard, if not impossible, to replicate what you really see in person with a single eye camera.

Since we want to ensure the Soaring Hearts is the Ultimate H&A cut, we hired them to perfect the Soaring Hearts H&A using their stereoscopic modeling.

Next up was laser testing of the cut prototypes to verify how perfectly TIGER was cutting to the final design. Of interest, we learned that OGI lasers are not nearly as accurate as we would have hoped, and thus had to move to SarinHD lasers to perfect the calibration.

Thus, all Soaring Hearts, certed from 10,000,121 and higher, are the new (and stereo optimized) Soaring Hearts cut!

With all that background, let’s take a look now at the Soaring Hearts Eternity (or stereo optimized) H&A in a studio photo:


There is no future R&D planned at this point as we are confident we have developed the ultimate H&A cut for the Amora, and the focus now is to expand production.

Have a great weekend and month and see you end of October!


The full post can be found on our discussion board, here!