BTD’s president has posted this month’s update on our discussion board, and here’s a preview:

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!!

Amora Gem Updates!

Production – not much this month…but new part for nanopolish arrived today! So we actually accomplished a ton of things under the covers but as part of all those improvements.

Video review of Soaring Hearts!
Jonathan (of and also is releasing a 4 of 5 part video review series on the Soaring Hearts Eternity.

It’s quite detailed so there’s several parts to it.
There are 5 total segments, 4 of which have been released.

I’ll post these in reverse order because I think you’ll like to jump into the lighting comparisons first, and then into the technical data:

Part 2: Lighting comparisons (indoor type lighting)

Part 1: Intro and Tech data:


Final segment to come. Thanks very much to Jonathan for making this detailed review.

AVC update: Note that while we are not going to do any fancy cuts until we are better caught up on Soaring Hearts demand, I did want to mention that the AVC has been further optimized by Jonathan after he purchased the same software we and GIA have for modeling. Thus, when we do start AVC Amora production you’ll see an even more improved AVC than before.

That’s it for this month’s update! Happy Halloween, have a great month and hope to see you the end of November!


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