Due to the Holidays the next full Friday update won’t be until end of January, but here are a few snippets of news as we bring 2016 to a close:

Amora Gem Production: Production is expanding nicely and we’re having multiple restocks per week now. Sizes have been 7mm – 8mm, (Soaring Hearts Eternity) and colors ranging from D-H color.

Sky Blue Amora Gem color: A bit of a surprise, but we may have some Sky Blue Amoras this year. These will likely grade as Fancy Light Blue on the diamond scale. More details to come.

New Amora Patent filing: We’ve filed for another US patent. This covers optimal fire and brilliance for SiC round gems and is the result of all the computer modeling done last Spring through Fall.
Thus, our newest patent application
“Optimal Brilliance and Fire for Round Brilliant SiC Gems”.

US Patent application 15/378,839
This also makes the Soaring Hearts Eternity H&A officially patent pending, as it is covered in this latest patent filing.

TIGER-1, TIGER-2 and TIGER-3 and Year End thoughts: TIGER-2 and TIGER-3 will be coming online early 2017 and that will let us triple total production. More importantly, we made it through a very difficult year transitioning to TIGER from our old robots and after tons of work, now have an excellent and robust production process that we can scale with as we grow in 2017.
Believe it or not but we are on v7 parts for TIGER. I realize the many production delays were very frustrating for customers this year, but rest assured we worked 6 and 7 day weeks most of this year with the one goal of ensuring our Amora Gem H&A (now finalized with the Soaring Hearts Eternity H&A design) would be the pinnacle and ultimate H&A gem.

2017 looks incredibly bright and we are looking forward to massively increasing production and ending the wait lists in 2017!

Happy New Year and see you end of January for a more detailed update!


Current inventory for our Amora Gem can be found on the inventory search page, here!