BTD’s president has posted the latest news and goings-on over on our discussion board, and here are some highlights:

Happy Friday, Happy Belated New Year – and Happy Chinese New Year!

We’re off to a flying start with record weekly production for Amora Gem so lots to discuss. Please get comfortable, grab a hot chocolate and let’s get underway!

Amora Production – Weekly production records broken: I’m very pleased to start off the blog with the news that we achieved record weekly production this month! For the first time with TIGER and our v7 parts, we now have very stable and steadily increasing production, week after week.
As the v7 indicates we had to go through 7 major iterations (and many minor iterations) last year to finally get to our goal of consistent, reliable production. A long and expensive trip up the mountain to get to the peak but very pleased we’ve made it.

As a result, we’re steadily working down our waiting list and will be expanding, significantly, our inventory going forward.

Larger size Amoras coming next month: We currently have rough for 9mm (3ct) size Soaring Hearts in laser cutting, and have a lot of 8mm rough being inspected for laser cutting currently.

In addition, due to increasing demand, we will be working on adding 10mm (4ct) as a regular production size. That requires some new ‘fingers’ for TIGER to handle but those are in progress now.

Fancy Blue and Fancy Green Amoras? We’ve had some interesting developments on the fancy color front, both from R&D work on color, and from growth surprises after cutting.

We received a Canadian patent for “Hearts and Arrows SiC Gemstones”! This week our patent attorney informed us that Canada had granted our patent for Hearts and Arrows in SiC Gemstones. This covers not only Amora, but also moissanite and cubic moissanite. We thus have H&A patents in both Canada and Australia, and currently have two other patent applications in the US related to Hearts and Arrows and rounds as well that are in progress.
Below is the nice certificate we received to show the patent grant:

Happy Chinese New Year, have a great month, and look forward to talking at the end of February!


The full post with more details can be found on our discussion board, here!