Customer feedback – “A message to men. We want Amora!” We received a really nice customer feedback on our Amora from a customer that has had theirs for over two years and wanted to share that with you:

“A message to men. We want Amora!”

I’ve had my Amora for a little over two years now and it is still just as amazing as the day I received it. It’s so bright and beautiful that it often catches my eye with its sparkle. I am always stunned with its beauty and whenever this happens I am reminded of my wonderful husband who got this gift for me.

Now men, it has come to my attention that you are more wary of this product than women. You worry that she will be disappointed because it’s not a “real diamond,” that it isn’t good enough, or name brand.

Well let me tell you that it truly is better than diamond and a few women in my life who were given diamonds tell me in secret that they think so too.

I told my sister and her now husband all about this magical stone and she was thrilled. He got her a diamond anyways and now a year and a half later she still laments to me about how my ring that was less than 1/2 the cost of hers is so much better and brighter.

The exact same thing happened with another girlfriend of mine. So men, when she tells you she wants an Amora it’s not because she is worried about your ability to afford a diamond or anything else. It’s because she wants something superior.


We greatly appreciate this customer’s feedback, especially given that our goal with Amora is to offer something superior in every aspect.