February was a short month so the update was moved to the beginning of March.  As posted on our discussion board, here’s a summary of the highlights:

Happy Friday! A bigger update this month with lots to discuss so please get comfortable, grab a drink and let’s get underway!

Amora Gem Updates:

Another weekly production record: We’re continuing to improve our weekly production and broke the record set last month, with a new record this month.

Out of 7.5mm rough, but no more waiting list for 7.5mm: The bulk of our production in February was 7.5mm. As a result I’m very happy to announce that as of tonight we have 0 people on the waiting list for colorless 7.5mm!
No coincidence but we’re also out of 7.5mm rough now since we’ve produced a number of them, so we won’t have any more 7.5mm restocks for another two months or so, but it was really nice to finally see one wait list drop to 0.
And I’m also happy to note, we have live inventory now of 7.5mm!
Amora Gem Inventory

High demand for 9mm, Upcoming sizes include more 9mm and even 10mm! We’ve had a big jump in demand for larger (8mm, 8.5mm, 9mm) Soaring Hearts Eternity. As a result, we’ve been increasing production now of 9mm and even have some 10mm that will start production on Saturday.
The 9mm sizes have sold out incredibly fast after each restock, so we are going to be very focused on the larger sizes over the next few months.

Soaring Hearts Eternity – studio photo! With production growing and waiting lists being steadily reduced, we’ve finally been able to start working on more typical things like photos and videos. I’m thus happy to show our first studio photo of the Soaring Hearts Eternity! This is a 2.90ct (9mm) E/IF Soaring Hearts Eternity:

2.90ct (9mm) E/IF Soaring Hearts Eternity Amora Gem

The Soaring Hearts Eternity- the only diamond alternative with a faceted girdle.
Jonathan from Good Old Gold has released his final episode of the Soaring Hearts Eternity review. This last episode reviews the Soaring Hearts girdle, discusses how and why diamonds came to have girdles, and how Amora is the only diamond alternative offering the same type of girdle on H&A diamonds:

Thanks very much to Jonathan for the video review!

Saturated Blue Amora Gem rough! We will be cutting some new rough in the next two weeks that is a much richer blue color. These will yield 8mm and the hope is these will be Fancy Intense Blue on the GIA blue diamond scale.

TIGER-2 update: We’re currently cutting test stones with TIGER-2 and hope to have it fully certified and ready to move to production within the next two weeks.
TIGER-3 we are hoping to finish and get into production by late April.

TIGER-5 and AVC/Krupps: After reviewing our production and robot expansion plans, we have decided that we’ll be dedicating new TIGERs completing this summer to be dedicated to various cuts. Thus, TIGER-1 – TIGER-4 will be be for Soaring Hearts. TIGER-5 will be dedicated to AVC and Krupps and TIGER-6 will be dedicated to likely Cushion cuts.

Soaring Hearts Eternity Studio video! I saved perhaps the best for last but we’ve also got our first studio video of a Soaring Hearts Eternity. 2.90ct, E/IF. Note that due to Soaring Hearts being optimized for ‘stereoscopic’ viewing (aka real life) vs. videos are made with monoscopic cameras we’re not really capturing the full extent but regardless wanted to show a first video since 3D cameras aren’t readily available :)

That’s it for this month’s update! We’ll have more updates on TIGER-2, 8-10mm Soaring Hearts production and hopefully how the first rich blue Amoras came out next month.
Have a great weekend and see you end of March!

The full post with all the details and more information can be found on our discussion board, here!