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Asscher cut Amora Gems in just under 3ct sizes, ranging from 8.20 – 8.37mm in size are now available.


More size options will be available, please sign up here to be emailed for future availability:

The previously sold-out sizes 7mm and 7.5mm, or 1.25 & 1.5ct equivalent, have been restocked in our Amora enhanced Moissanite and are available for immediate purchase.

Amora enhanced Moissanite.

6.5mm and 8mm sizes are in progress now.  Send an email if you would like to be added to our customer notification list for their restock!

We are extremely pleased to announce our newest Amoras – including our first ever Asscher Amora Gems!

Amora Gem Asscher sample grading report

If you would like to sign up on the waiting list to be notified when the Amora Asscher is available for sale in other sizes, please sign up via our notification list here.

Our most recent restock of our Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions and Amora Gem Ultra H&A Rounds included rounds in the 2.75ct (just under 9mm) size range, and cushions ranging from 3.17 – 5.15ct!


Our website shows live inventory, and the search page can help find your perfect Amora!

To sign up on the notification list, to be emailed for future availability, please sign up here:

Amora Gem Ultra H&A Round

We have added quite a few Amora Gem Ultra H&A rounds to our available inventory.  Today’s restock includes sizes from 1.29ct – 3.57ct, or right at 7mm up to 9.75mm.


Amora Gem Ultra H&A

BTD’s president has posted the most recent news and updates in the forum blog, and here are a few highlights:

Hi all,
Happy Friday and Happy New Year – 2015! (and early Happy Chinese New Year!)

2015 is of course ‘the’ year for Amora Gem as the US market will shortly be open in full.

Record 2014 sales for BTD.  First and foremost, I wanted to thank all of our customers for your support and feedback this past year.
Given that people ‘vote’ for products with their purchasing dollars, then our growth can be viewed as feedback that we are producing and offering lab grown gems that a growing number of customers are pleased to purchase and wear.

Amora Gem Updates:

Ultra inventory – restocked < 1.50ct sizes, but sold out again: We have been working hard to produce more Amora Gem Ultra’s below the 1.50ct size, but even with the recent restock of .80ct – 1.25ct, those sold out within a week and we are currently sold out again for the past two weeks.
We are shifting some resources towards expanding the < 1.50ct sizes and hope to have some much larger restocks in February. Note that we also expect to have more 6mm range (.75ct) in February as well.

New notification list –
We’ve setup an improved notification system directly on now that will supercede our old system on (note- you’ll still be notified if you signed up already via!).

We are planning to expand it next month to handle requests for other products (Asha, Takara, Amora Enhanced) as well.

Amora Cushion Explosion: We’ve been able to slowly expand our Cushion production, but what has been a surprise is the amount of demand for the Amora Gem Cushion cut. It’s rare that a restock lasts a single week out for sale, and further,the notification list is now twice as long for Cushions as for the Ultra.
As a result, we are expanding Cushion cut production for February and hope to be able to stock a spread of sizes from 7mm – 11mm over the next four weeks.

BTD News:

Amora Enhanced Production continuing for now: Amora Enhanced Moissanite continues to see demand, so for now we are continuing production. Currently we have more 7mm and 7.5mm in progress. These should be ready near the end of February.


The full post, with much more news and more updates can be found on our discussion board, here!

This week we have restocked some previously sold-out sizes in our Amora Gem.   Currently sizes from 1.26ct (7.38mm) up to 6.08ct (12.37mm) are in stock in our Amora Gem Ultra H&A Rounds.

We also have a few Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions in stock in the 2.79-2.80ct size, or just under 8.5mm.

Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushions

To sign up on the notification list, to be emailed for future availability, please sign up here:


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