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We have just restocked some previously sold-out options in our Amora enhanced Moissanite.

Currently we have 6.5mm, 7mm, and 8mm sizes available for immediate purchase.


Amora Moissanite

The most recent Amora Gem restock includes stone sizes from .57ct (5.35mm) up to 1.84ct (7.81mm).


To be notified of future restocks, please use our notification list signup, here:

Today’s Amora Gem restock included Asschers from just under 6mm up to 6.19mm (right around the 1ct range), Princess cuts from 6.5mm up to 6.75mm (the 1.75ct range), and Ultra H&A rounds from 6.5mm – 6.9mm (1-1.3ct range) as well as two Ultra H&A rounds over 11mm (5ct+)!

Using our Inventory Search page, you can check to see our live inventory sorted by selected options:


Many of these have sold out already, so to be notified of the next restock, simply sign up on our Notification List.

We have just restocked the previously sold-out 6.5mm (1ct equivalent) and 8mm (2ct equivalent) sizes in our Amora enhanced Moissanite.

Notifications have been sent out to those who had requested to be emailed when those sizes were restocked.  Our website shows live inventory so the sizes and options shown are what we currently have available.

The ordering page for our Amora enhanced Moissanite is here.

Here is a small snippet of the updates in the latest news post:

Happy Friday! It’s the end of May and time for our monthly blog update.

BTD officially turns 21 years old: I’m pleased to note that BetterThanDiamond has officially turned 21 years old this month! Fairly amazing to realize that, but at the same time, we’re just getting started with the Amora Gem and have a long ways to go for expanding it around the world. Thanks for your support over the previous years!

Amora Gem Updates:

Oval and Radiant Amora Gems coming this Fall!

The focus with the Oval cut was to:
a)minimize/eliminate the bow-tie effect that plagues oval cuts
b)maximize fire and maximize brilliance.

We’re still testing the final version to ensure everything is as perfect as we can make it.

We have an Oval page on the site now but not much info yet until we get production going.

The Radiants are still early in computer modeling and are not as far along as the ovals.
Here’s the official page for the Radiants for reference:

You can sign up if you wish to be notified for either the Oval or the Radiant on our Amora Gem notification page here:

Amora Gem now being worn by Royalty: I’m pleased to announce that we’ve officially sold the first Amora Gem to go to, and be worn by, a royal person.
Obviously I can’t provide details, but it is a nice marker to note that we have a former Miss America and now royalty both wearing the Amora Gem!

Official Retailer’s and new badges: We have been starting to expand our wholesale network for the Amora Gem and as part of that, we wanted to ensure that genuine retailers were easily identifiable and as part of that we’ve setup a new badge system that retailers will display on their site along with a ‘click to verify’ feature.
These will be rolling out in June so by July 1st, you can look for a badge similar to this one (we have multiple variations in different sizes but all similar theme) to ensure your retailer is an official retailer:

BTD News:

BTD website will soon be fully mobile enabled: The percentage of people accessing our site via mobile (phone/tablet) has been growing dramatically and so we are making our site responsive to mobile screens. This will allow it to dynamically resize everything on the fly to ensure easy viewing regardless of phone/tablet size.

Asha restock in progress: While we don’t mention the Asha nearly as much as Amora, Asha sales continue and we’re now sold out on a number of sizes. We do have a pretty large restock in progress and should have those ready by mid-July.

That’s it for this month! Hope you have a great weekend, a great June, and see you the end of next month!

The full post can be found on our discussion board, here!

The latest news from BetterThanDiamond has been posted on our discussion board, and here are a few highlights:

Amora Gem grading reports now specify Amora Gem as the crystal type: I’m extremely happy to note that all grading reports, as of this week, now specify Amora Gem as the crystal type.
Previously the grading reports simply listed “Lab Grown Silicon Carbide” as the crystal, but with the growing awareness of the fact that Amora Gem is it’s own crystal type within the 200+ Silicon Carbide family, all grading reports going forward now specify it as “Lab Grown Silicon Carbide – Amora Gem”.

Production updates – continued focus on 1ct – 2ct sizes: We’ve been steadily able to increase the amount of mid-range size Amora Gems we are cutting, though many of them have sold out quite rapidly since supply has been low for so long. We’ve just stocked the first ever 6.5mm Asschers for example, and restocked 6.5mm Cushions, and have been restocking 7mm (1.25ct) – 8mm(2ct) Ultra H&A rounds. We do have .75ct and 1.00ct Ultras in progress.

All of the cuts are available on the inventory page, making it the best spot for one stop viewing of our entire current Amora Gem inventory.
Here’s a direct link, and it’s always available directly under the Amora Gem menu:
BTD News:
Takara Ultra-pure Lab Diamonds now available! D and E color! I’m thrilled to be able to report that we have our first batch of Takara lab grown diamonds now available for immediate sale. The first batch all graded as D or E color, including two that are E color, Internally Flawless! Sizes range from .53ct to 1.52ct.
Here’s a studio photo of a D/VVS2, 1.07ct:

Amora Enhanced Mossanite – 7mm restocked, 95% G color!: We recently finished the last batch of 7mm rounds from an earlier pre-screening, and had the highest rate of G color to date – 95% were G color! The remainder were H color. We don’t have any firm ideas on the reason why it was so high, but this was a record color improvement result.
Amora Enhanced Mossanite – pre-screening rejections skyrocketing: We’re currently working on getting more Moissanite to process, but lately the rejection rate has been skyrocketing due to declining cutting standards in the moissanite.

265 8mm were brought in. A whopping 26 passed..or 10:1 rejection to pass rate.

100 6.5mm were then brought in. *Every single one* was rejected. 0 passed cutting screening. I don’t recall that ever happening in the 3 years of Amora enhanced Moissanite – previous rejection rates were more 40-60% average.

The full post, with more details and updates can be found on our discussion board, here!

Asscher cut Amora Gems in just under 3ct sizes, ranging from 8.20 – 8.37mm in size are now available.


More size options will be available, please sign up here to be emailed for future availability:


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