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Here are a few highlights from the most recent blog post from the president of BTD:


Another month and as usual lots of updates!

BTD’s 22nd Birthday on May 4th! I’m pleased to note that BTD will be celebrating it’s 22nd anniversary in a few days, and we’ll celebrate our 22nd with the best Amoras rolling out. Details below!

Amora Gem:

Soaring Hearts Ultra! In last month’s blog, I showed the Flying Hearts which was the winner of our optimization efforts. However, after another week of non-stop optimization and comparisons, we’ve moved to the new ‘Soaring Hearts’ design for our Ultra production going forward.

Here’s a computer video of the new Soaring Hearts design:

All future Ultras will be the Soaring Hearts cut.

We are planning to focus entirely on the Soaring Hearts Ultra, sizes 8mm – 6.5mm initially. We’ve yet to ever have enough 7.5mm and 6.5mm and so with our improved production, the first goal will be to much more robustly restock these. After that we’ll expand further into 6mm – 9mm Soaring Hearts and expand out from there.

Takaras will be discontinued: With all the excitement and momentum of the Amora Gem, it’s a bit disappointing to announce that we are officially cancelling the Takara lab diamonds.

Asha restock: The main sizes of Asha rounds have sold out again, and so we’ve got another run in process. Estimated restock time-frame is the end of May.


Quanza, our sponsored elephant, update! We’ve been getting monthly updates on one of our two sponsored elephants, Quanza. I’m happy to report that she’s doing extremely well and now has tusks! The orphanage always sends pretty small photos, but regardless it’s great to see her doing so well. Here’s the latest photo:



The full post with more news and TIGER updates can be found on our discussion board!

Friday updates posted! This month = our new, Flying Hearts Ultra H&A round, new Flanders H&A in progress, TIGER-2 and TIGER-3 in progress and more!  Below are a few highlights and photos but the full post with all the details is available on our discussion board.

Amora Gem:

TIGER robot updates! We’ve had our first month of testing and production with TIGER and the results have been exceptional.

How do I know if an Amora is TIGER cut? All Amoras are now TIGER cut so all new production going forward are Tigers. However, you can also tell by any of the following:

1 – Cert number – all certs 2005101 and higher are TIGER cut.

2 – The cert itself, under comments section – TIGER cut Amora’s are now marked accordingly in the comments section:

New Ultra – Flying Hearts Ultra! After substantial optimization runs, I’m pleased to show you our new Amora Ultra – the Flying Hearts Ultra!


And most importantly, here’s a computer generated video to show you the light play of the Flying Hearts Ultra:

And for comparison, identical computer video of our current Ultra:

New Amora “Pure Hearts” Oval! Next up – I’m thrilled to show your our new Pure Hearts Oval! This is the first “near H&A” oval to ever be developed, and we have a patent application in progress for it!
Let’s start with a computer photo-realistic video of our Pure Hearts Oval in spotlighting so you can see what it’s all about:

The “Pure Hearts” name was developed for this new cut because it had a hearts pattern from the first model. The arrows came later as part of the extensive computer modeling.

Most importantly the new Pure Hearts Oval completely eliminates any type of bow-tie! The result is exceptional brilliance and fire, and the overall look and feel of an H&A round – never before seen in an oval cut!

Hearts pattern, bottom:


partial Arrows pattern, top:


Two more TIGER’s (TIGER-2 and TIGER-3) in progress: Based on our inability to meet demand, we’ve decided to accelerate TIGER production and are thus building two TIGER’s now for the scheduled Sept completion. This will be important for us to try and ensure more Amora production for the big Holiday Season!

See the full post with all the details here!

The latest news post has been added to the BTD discussion board.  The full post is on the Amora Gem Blog section of the discussion board, but here are a few highlights:

Amora Gem

TIGER robot complete, transported and installed… production starting next week! I’m very happy to announce that TIGER robot is now finished!
We’ve transported TIGER from Silicon Valley to our new WA cutting facility and it arrived safely yesterday morning.
Our robot engineers are flying out from Silicon Valley and will be working through the weekend to integrate TIGER and we expect to start TIGER production next week (March 1st – 4th)!

TIGER robot patent applications in progress: Note that during the R&D for TIGER, we developed many new key technologies to help us achieve our goal of 10 micron precision. We did review all of our breakthroughs with our patent attorney and will be filing 3 different patents for the TIGER robot.
Thus, our TIGER robot will soon be multi-patent-pending!

Amora Gem production schedule: With TIGER coming online next week, we will be focused on expanding the Ultra inventory first, from 4mm – 8mm sizes.

We’ll then start adding in Princess, OEC, Cushions, Asscher and AVC’s, Radiants, and yes – even Krupps.

BTD News:

X1 WhiteGold now available for our Timeless Rings: We are always trying to offer the very best available metals for our jewelry and thus we’re now making our Timeless rings available in X1 White Gold.
The one negative – white gold can trigger skin issues with some people. This is because of the nickel content. X1 has even higher nickel content, so it does not resolve that issue for those affected.
Palladium of course is both natively white and no allergy issues, but as many customers have noted, finding a jeweler who will work on palladium for resizing or other can be tricky,esp. outside of the US.
Thus, we’re pleased to start making X1 White gold available as a new option for customers around the world.

There’s more news and updates on the blog!


This week’s restock, the first Amora restock of 2016, helped us replenish our inventory of Ultras in the 7mm – 7.5mm size range.

Notification emails have been sent to those who signed up on our notification list, and our current available inventory is always available here.


Amora Gem Ultra. 2.09ct D/IF, Studio photo

The most recent updates from BetterThanDiamond are available on our discussion board, and here are a few highlights:

Amora Gem Updates!

US market = fully free on Monday, August 31st! The 20 year, innovation suffocating, patent held by CTHR that blocks most major crystal/family members of Silicon Carbide when cut as gems, will fully expire on Monday, 8/31.  The Moissanite tyranny is at long last over.
This blog was originally started on 11/11/11 when we showed you the very first Amora Gem ever, and we’ve had a nearly four year journey since then but the moment that we’ve long awaited is upon us!
As stated in that original blog post – Amora Gem will be our primary focus going forward for BTD, and our Amora Enhanced Moissanite will no longer be produced now that the US patent has ended.

Amora Gem Oval cut arrives!
We finished cutting the first production set and in our opinion, the ovals came out even better than expected.

Here then is our Amora Gem oval in a studio photo:

and our Amora Gem oval in a studio video!

Inventory and other details are available on our Amora Gem oval page:

US Patent and Trademark office approves our “Ultra Hearts and Arrows” Trademark! After over a year of legal work, I’m happy to announce that “Ultra Hearts & Arrows”, our unique cutting that maximizes the fire and brilliance for Amora Gem, is now an official registered trademark. Thus we can now use the ® mark signifying our exclusive use in the US. Note that this is the trademark for the name, and not our patent -the Ultra H&A patent is still in process, but another significant step for highlighting and preserving our exclusive Ultra H&A cutting!

Customer feedback on their Amora Gem Ultra: We’re thrilled to continue to see strong customer feedback being posted on our Amora Gem’s, and I wanted to highlight two recent ones from customers with Ultra’s and share these with you:


Amora Gem is better than a $35,000.00+ similar sized diamond

I purchased a 1.85 carat, F color, internally flawless Amora Gem in April to propose to my now finance during a Mediterranean Cruise in June.

I had it mounted on an 18 carat yellow gold ring.

I totally surprised her when I proposed on her birthday while at sea between Dubrovnik Croatia and Venice Italy.

Everyone who’s seen the ring is in awe over how nice the Amora Gem looks and no one simply no one has any idea it isn’t a diamond.

The jeweler who mounted the stone was amazed, he couldn’t tell it wasn’t a diamond.

He pulled out a similar sized diamond to do a comparison and he could not tell the difference, obviously he was very careful to keep them separated.

The diamond was over $35,000.00 while the Amora Gem was just over $1,200.00.

You can’t go wrong with an Amora Gem you really can’t.





The amora gem is the best jewelry investment I have ever made! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I received my Amora Gem months ago. I absolutely cannot tell you how happy I am with it. I have never seen anything like it.

I took it to a jeweler, compared it to his real diamonds and honestly, there was no comparison!

He is remaking my ring and he asked if I would like to take the stone (Amora gem) with me until he is ready to set it. He said he didn’t want me to worry about the safety of the stone!

He thought it was real and he looked at it under a loop!

Thanks very much to both of these customers for taking the time to share their feedback!


BTD News:

Amora enhanced Moissanite production comes to an end: After four years of production, and with the CTHR patent finally coming to an end, we’ve done our last production run of Amora enhanced Moissanite.

As noted on the very first entry in this blog back in 2011, Amora enhanced Moissanite was only a stop gap product forced because of the US patent, and we wouldn’t continue it after the patent expired.

Takara lab diamonds currently holds ‘world’s largest colorless lab round diamond’ title: Our latest set of Takara lab grown diamonds is now out for sale and features excellent cut rounds from 1.55ct – 2.40ct. The 2.40ct is Ideal cut (D color, VVS2) and is currently the world’s largest colorless, round lab grown diamond available for sale! This made the news last week and here’s the article on Yahoo Finance:

Takara lab diamond pricing – averaging 1/3 the equivalent mined diamond: I’m also happy to note that our Takara’s are now averaging roughly 1/3 the price of their equivelant mined diamond, while at the same time being purer and harder than nearly all mined equivalents. This is because Takara’s are ultra-pure, and thus at the atomic level, a more perfect diamond and that is why they end up both harder and clearer in terms of physical properties. As the sizes get larger then the pricing vs. mined gets even better as the 2.40ct for example is roughly 1/4 it’s mined equivalent.
Here’s the link to our Takara lab grown diamond inventory:


Asha restock: While Amora and Takara have been in the spotlight, Asha continues to sell steadily and we just finished a large restock of most sold out sizes. This included H&A rounds, Cushions and Princess.
Link to our Asha section: Asha Diamond Simulant Product section

Asha photos continue to be stolen and used around the world – humour: After the news about our Takara lab diamonds, we received an email from a diamond cutting house that was interested in seeing if they could do the cutting for us. They mentioned their capabilites, how they could consistently do triple EX rounds (Excellent cut, polish, symmetry), etc. I then pulled up their website and what’s on the home page – two examples of their ‘diamond cutting expertise’ are in fact simply stolen Asha images!
Anyway, the testament to how well our Ashas are cut is that the photos of the Ashas are perpetually being used by various diamond dealers, JCK, etc. (illegally) to show as ‘high end mined diamonds’. Frustrating but at the same time a global compliment to our pursuit of cutting perfection for all of our diamond alternatives.



The full post with all the news and more detail can be found on our discussion board, here!

We have just restocked some previously sold-out options in our Amora enhanced Moissanite.

Currently we have 6.5mm, 7mm, and 8mm sizes available for immediate purchase.


Amora Moissanite

The most recent Amora Gem restock includes stone sizes from .57ct (5.35mm) up to 1.84ct (7.81mm).


To be notified of future restocks, please use our notification list signup, here:


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