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Hi all,

Long time since posting here but we’ve got a lot of new things happening with our Takara lab grown diamonds.  Thus, the ‘Friday updates’ blog is back with a new theme around our Takara – the road to 3cts!.

Here’s the jump to our message boards with the full blog update:

And below, a few images to catch up on our Takara lab diamonds. These are all cut to Super Ideal Hearts and Arrows!

Here are a few highlights from the most recent blog post from the president of BTD:


Another month and as usual lots of updates!

BTD’s 22nd Birthday on May 4th! I’m pleased to note that BTD will be celebrating it’s 22nd anniversary in a few days, and we’ll celebrate our 22nd with the best Amoras rolling out. Details below!

Amora Gem:

Soaring Hearts Ultra! In last month’s blog, I showed the Flying Hearts which was the winner of our optimization efforts. However, after another week of non-stop optimization and comparisons, we’ve moved to the new ‘Soaring Hearts’ design for our Ultra production going forward.

Here’s a computer video of the new Soaring Hearts design:

All future Ultras will be the Soaring Hearts cut.

We are planning to focus entirely on the Soaring Hearts Ultra, sizes 8mm – 6.5mm initially. We’ve yet to ever have enough 7.5mm and 6.5mm and so with our improved production, the first goal will be to much more robustly restock these. After that we’ll expand further into 6mm – 9mm Soaring Hearts and expand out from there.

Takaras will be discontinued: With all the excitement and momentum of the Amora Gem, it’s a bit disappointing to announce that we are officially cancelling the Takara lab diamonds.

Asha restock: The main sizes of Asha rounds have sold out again, and so we’ve got another run in process. Estimated restock time-frame is the end of May.


Quanza, our sponsored elephant, update! We’ve been getting monthly updates on one of our two sponsored elephants, Quanza. I’m happy to report that she’s doing extremely well and now has tusks! The orphanage always sends pretty small photos, but regardless it’s great to see her doing so well. Here’s the latest photo:



The full post with more news and TIGER updates can be found on our discussion board!

Our most recent group of Takara lab-grown diamonds included a 2.40ct ideal cut round which is, for now, the worlds largest, colorless, round lab grown diamond available for sale.

Lots of different papers have released this news, here’s the link to the Yahoo online version:


Takara lab grown diamonds are real, lab grown diamonds and ship with independent diamond grading reports from a reputable gem lab.

Takara lab diamonds offer the stunning beauty of top-grade, real diamond but at a fraction of the equivalent mined diamond price and with no ethical or environmental concerns.

All Takara diamonds will test positive as diamond under *any* test for diamond – because they are real diamonds, just lab grown rather than mined.


Takara Lab Diamond, 1.07ct D/VVS2. Studio Photo

We have been working quietly (and slowly) on potentially being able to offer small (think 3-5mm) white lab grown Takara diamonds as early as next year.

The goal though is to be able to offer white lab grown diamonds in volume for our rings so that you could have an Amora Gem center and Takara white side diamonds, for a 100% lab grown, environmentally friendly ring.

Here’s the first photo – we’ll have the grading results after these are cut!

One of the delays was finding a suitable diamond cutter that could potentially cut these to either ideal or even H&A standard *and* is willing to work with lab grown diamonds. Fortunately, we’re now in discussions with just such a top notch cutter and hope to have the first samples at their facility for cutting shortly.

Note that this is still very much in the R&D stages as these are literally the first Takara whites to be cut – we’ll have to see how the color and clarity come out, as well as the total yield, cutting cost, etc. After that, we’ll grow and repeat, until we can ramp up to steady production and start offering these as both loose and side stone options on our site!


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